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Rose Gold

All roses are created equal, but they have their own unique identity. This is a bold unisex scent. You'll be powerfully lifted  before feathering down on your feet. This rose actually starts with a green top, resting on a powerful rose center which floats atop an elegant musk.


Great Outdoors

This scent is a favorite during the winter holiday season. We also see it as the perfect opportunity to bring the outdoors, indoor year-round. Infused with natural essential oils, the top of the fragrance is a light citrus floating on top of fir, balsam and cedar wood which lays on top of an amber and moss base.

Brooklyn Noir

This is a high-end unisex blend of sweet & sultry fragrance and natural essential oils to make for the perfect year-round aroma that will have you feeling like you’re wrapped up tightly in a blanket. Light vanilla sheet spread on top of an Amber and Jasmine fitted sheet holding on tight to a Sandalwood and Musk mattress.

Round 2

The essential oils in this scent create the perfect blend of floral and woody notes which will take the mind on a journey down memory lane leaving you no choice but to pick up the phone and reach out to that special someone…again. The top is floral before rushing through the patchouli to take a deep dive into the musk.


Pacific Coast highway

The top is down and you're breezing down the Pacific Coast Highway. You pull over and the wind causes the slightest mist graces your face leaving sea salt, driftwood and a twist of citrus



Caribbean breeze

Inspired by a trip to Florida, we wanted to capture the essence of relaxation . Come a few miles away in the Caribbean, this wave of citrus, lavender and a bold musk will cover you and guide you to the sweetest dreams!