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Why Shop CRETE Candles?

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Inspired by Life & Travel


The candle industry has been around since the beginning of time. In this era, it's important to identify with a brand before you commit to it.

We make everything carefully by hand. Yes, even mixing the concrete by hand. With that said, there is individually in every piece. Our pillar candles, it's almost impossible to make a duplicate. This guarantees that no one will have the exact piece as you. What we can guarantee is the exact quality will remain the same.

When we wanted to expand to diffusers, identifying a texture for our bottles were very important in staying on brand. With that said, even our bottle for diffusers are textured individually.



We care about our community and when we think about community, we mean humanity. From local events, to international projects we will find ways to contribute. Be sure to follow up and stay updated. We've donated to help reunite children with their parents, done local community service events and starting a scholarship fund. Know that your purchase will help make the world a better place.


Coconut Wax

There are numerous types of wax that can be used. We'd rather not paraffin. Soy isn't bad at all, but wanted to see if we can go better. We landed with coconut wax. Coconut wax is amazing. It's soft, buttery even. Coconut wax is of the coconut "meat" and you can see it as a firmer state of coconut oil. With that, it's extremely soft. We use this wax for any candle that is in a container, however for pillars we have to use soy wax as coconut wax is too soft to maintain its form outside of a container.


Touching on a bit of above, everything is made by hand in small batches. This also brings a direct meditative intimacy to every product. In this day and age, there are millions of organizations with layers that don't allow you to connect. Being local, you get to meet the creators of you products and can put a voice/face to the name and be that much connected to your purchase. It also offers you the opportunity to get products at fair prices as their is no "middle man".