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Updated Post.... MISS AMERICA 2019

Alan Ince

Updated Post!

Screenshot-2018-9-10 Miss America on Instagram “First day on the job Visited Noyes Museum at the Claridge Hotel - I’ll be s[...].png

When we first posted, Nia Imani Franklin was Miss New York. If you haven’t had your social media or television on, I’m happy to let you know that she won MISS AMERICA 2019!!!

Our latest fragrance was designed by Miss America 2019, Nia Imani Franklin.

Imani is not only her middle name, but it translates to Faith. 

While living in the Big Apple, she want's you to know that there's so much to explore within The Empire State. This time of year, it's common to take the train and escape the city whether it's to a vineyard or an orchard just over an hour away. In doing so, she created a spicy yet warm harvest of apple, citrus, cinnamon and cedar wood poured it into a blend of coconut wax to create a limited edition candle just for you. 

Be sure to purchase this limited scent and a portion of the proceeds of the Imani candle will go towards CMN Hospitals!