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Each candle is made with care. For the best experience with your candle, we recommend following a few suggestions...

  • Lift from the base. Each pillar candle contains a significant amount of concrete which is naturally heavier than candle wax. We secure each pillar to the concrete but it's best to always lift from the concrete base to avoid potential separation.
  • Burn baby burn! We understand that you want to burn the candle all day, because we definitely want to as well. It's suggested that you only burn candles for no longer than 2-3 hours per session.
  • Cut it! The candles wick should be no longer than 1/8 inch before and after burning. When your session is over, simply put out the flame and trim the wick again. This prevents sut and particles floating around in your candle wax.



  • Other than this site, where can I find your candles?
    • At this time, we only offer candles on THIS site and in person at Shen Beauty in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. If you know anyone who wants our candles in their store...why haven't you told us yet ?!? 
  • Why does my candle have marks on the side?
    • You're a lucky one. We pride ourselves on individuality. Your handle has, what we call, a birth mark. No two candles are identicle. The closest to a twin you'll get would be if you ordered one of our tumblers or concrete jars.
  • My candle is broken and/or dented after shipping. What can be done?
    • We hope you never reach out about this but "ship" happens. Send us a picture within 3 days of this occurance and we will work with you. Please see return policy.
  • I need my candles to arrive sooner. HELP!
    • We have a flat rate of $10 for shipping but if you need it done before that, please email us before placing your order and we will try our best to accomodate your needs. Keep in mind that it MAY take up to week to ship from ordering since everything is made by hand.
  • I live outside of the USA, can you still send candles to me?
    • We will do our best. Each country has it's only customs laws. We learned the hard way. Shoot us an email and we will figure it out.
  • Do you make custom candles?
    • Yup! We have gone as far as making custom fragrances for customers and custom pillars. It's tons of fun. Prices are higher for customizations.
  • Do you do events?
    • Yes! We make candles for a range of events, the most popular is for wedding favors and corporate gifts.