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It was a dark and stormy night...well, actually it was a dark and stormy day! Not the weather, but life happens. Looking for a way to find peace after a hectic day, Alan was online looking up new candles to relax and meditate with. Stumbled upon several that seemed cool but couldn't quite make the purchase. In that moment he decided to try to make his own candle that speaks to people like him. A few more storms later, this company was born!

What a conversation piece. Love at first flame. Each candle is made with by hand with an element of concrete. The concrete is mixed by hand with elements of Brooklyn, NYC like sand from our beaches before set in a mold to make lids and bases. Next is quality coconut wax* blended with fragrance and essential oils to really take you on the journey that you're to go on. Hand poured with love and created equally, no two candles are ever the same.

*Pillars use soy wax.